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"Just like a being in her life, metamorphoses from hatching to his disappearance, the sculptures of Hélène Yousse, faithful companions of the road, testify to this quest for the artist's ego and its existential essence... Without artifice, throwing in food, she and her need to say, she created.

Her emotions resonate and make us vibrate, establishing between her works and us a silent and powerful dialogue.

Her technique, in permanent evolution, allows him to work different materials.

The complex opacity of bronze, or, on the contrary, the fragility obtained through the use of organic and synthetic materials, sends us back each time to the image of our own complexion, to our own becoming of mortal ...

And finally, to what we are: an empty envelope that everyone has to fill, her doubts, her fears, but also and especially love, life and hope.

As if her work, paradoxically so present and so remote at the same time, which sent us back to our irrevocable loneliness, today, now knew the sky. "

Juliette Le Roux, A.HJ