Hélène Yousse creates her art with total allegiance, without concessions, out of a necessity.
A necessity that doesn’t admit any giving up. Which draws its energy from the throbbing of an open wound, driven by the urgency to say directly what has to be said.
What would be without this creation of art, the manipulation of matter?
Loneliness, craziness, death. Time has no time. It stands in a relation of tension with the observer. In a relation of unbearable pain. The first figures have collapsed into themselves.
They are present. So much present while they talk of absence.
Of emptiness.
Of farewell.
Of the passing away of a much beloved person and his unforgettable gentleness.
Totally exhausted, petrified puppets as if spellbound within the moment, there, without a face, their skin removed, crushed from waiting.
Women out of rags, puppets made of trash.
Little by little the emptiness is being filled with sky.
The figures swing themselves up into the air – lightly – letting the light shimmer through them.
Turned towards a warm and yellow sun. Like those Indians that throw themselves into the void rotating in the freedom of the air, although they are tied with their feet to the ropes, a reminder of the strict constraints of gravity.
Hélène lives with her figures. She speaks with them. She touches them.
She caresses them. They are alive.

1994             Obtained the DNSEP (Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique)
1986-1988 Studied Art History at the University of Paris Tolbiac,
1988-1991 Regional School of Fine Arts of Angoulême,
1991-1993 National School of Decorative Arts in Limoges,
1993-1994 School of Fine Arts of Perpignan.
2007-2009 SCENEGRAPHY: Intense and exciting work with the choreographer Yvonne Poujet and the team of dancers, musicians, singers: from this close collaboration, two shows were created "Hoch Oben Weites Blau" and "Identità - Pelligriaggio al amore", both at the I-Camps Neues Theater in Munich (Germany),
1995-2015 Freelance artist, sculpture and installation, with to date:

21 Solo exhibitions, including :
- 10 in various galleries (including Horizon Gallery in Colera, Spain - Gallery D. Ventos de Figueres (Esp) - Gallery Senda in Barcelona (Esp) - Gallery Coclea de Camallera (Esp) - Gallery Kunst und Design in Albstadt (Germany) ...
- 6 in Museums and Institutional Cultural Centres (including: Corderie Royale, Rochefort, France - Museum die Zitadelle de Spandau Kunsthalle Kronprinz, Berlin (Germany) - Fondation Niebla de Casavells (Spain) - Salles Municipales de Girona (Spain) ...
- 2 in international art fairs (New-Art and Art Expo, Barcelona)
- 3 in alternative spaces (notably the Girona air-raid shelter)

84 Group exhibitions, including :
- 31 in various galleries (Spain, Germany, France, Denmark)
- 18 in Museums and Institutional Cultural Centres (all in Spain)
- 18 in festivals (all in Spain)
- 5 in international art fairs (Spain, Denmark, Holland)
- 12 in alternative spaces (Spain)

Works in numerous public and private collections (Girona Art Museum, Olot Museum, La Caixa Foundation, Vila Casas Foundation, Niebla Foundation, etc.).
Lectures and TV interviews (Spain, France, Germany))

After living in Spain for about 20 years, she moved to Charente Maritime (France) in 2014.

Hélène Yousse :

7 lieu-dit Candé - 17430 Cabariot - France
Carrer ponent 7 - E17466 Gaüses - Girona - Catalunya

+33 546 848 115
+33 788 150 768